Unless you've been living under a rock you have probably heard of ChatGPT. It is the brand new AI website that will seemingly do anything for you.

It has only been available to the public for a few months but it has taken the internet by storm. Everyday people find new uses for it. Some useful, some not. Some ethical, some quite not. Just do a cursory search on one of your social media platforms and you'll see the result.

I wanted to use it to see what I could get it to create about Rockford Illinois.

I started basic and entered :

write a poem about rockford illinois

This is what it spit out:

Rockford, city of dreams and industry,

Where the mighty Rock River flows,

A place of beauty and diversity,

Where history and progress both grows.


From the rustic beauty of Anderson Japanese Gardens,

To the bustling energy of downtown,

Rockford offers something for all,

A Midwest gem that should never be overlooked.


With rolling hills and wooded landscapes,

Rockford is a city that's alive,

From the iconic Coronado Theatre,

To the peaceful sights of the Sinnissippi Skies.


A city of innovation,

Where industry and creativity thrive,

With a growing tech and healthcare scene,

Rockford is sure to stay alive.


From the beauty of the seasons,

To the kindness of its people,

Rockford is a city that shines,

A Midwestern gem that's truly special.


So here's to Rockford,

A city on the rise,

May it continue to thrive and flourish,

Underneath those Illinois skies.

To be clear that is an original poem that has never been written before and the program spit that out in about 10 seconds.

What about asking to write about a specific Rockford event, like the tearing down of the Clock tower?

write a poem about Rockford, illinois centering around the fact that many people were upset when they tore down the iconic Clock Tower. use this link to a story as a reference https://www.mystateline.com/news/final-piece-of-rockfords-iconic-clock-tower-demolished/

Ryan Rogers, WIFR via Facebook
Ryan Rogers, WIFR via Facebook

Ten seconds later:

The Clock Tower stood tall and proud,

A beacon in Rockford's bustling crowd.

But now it's gone, demolished to the ground,

Leaving memories and hearts unbound.


For years it ticked and tocked away,

A symbol of our city's heyday.

But progress marches on, they say,

And with it, our Clock Tower lay.


But still, we mourn its passing,

A part of our history amassing.

For in its towers and its chimes,

We found a sense of place and time.


But though it's gone, the memories remain,

Of days gone by and lives sustain.

And though we'll miss our Clock Tower dear,

Rockford's future still is bright and clear.


What about a limerick?

In Rockford, Illinois, one day,

A man heard a funny thing say,

"The city is grand,

But the weather is bland,

So I'll take a vacation far away!"

Rockford Park District, Facebook
Rockford Park District, Facebook

Admittedly not it's best work. How about a haiku?

Rockford's river runs slow

Through green fields, factories, and homes

A city in bloom

Nailed it.

What about a Shakespearian style sonnet about the founding of Rockford? Let's try:

In ancient days, by Rock River's flow,

A place was found, where settlers would abide,

In Illinois, a town did grow,

And Rockford, thus, its name did bide.


Through toil and strife, the land was cleared,

And homes and farms, did flourish there,

A village grew, with pride endeared,

And commerce thrived, with industry to spare.


But in the years, that followed fast,

A city rose, with strength and might,

Where industry and culture amassed,

And Rockford shone, a beacon bright.


Thus, from a humble start, it came,

To be a city, great in fame.

I'm not English professor but I don't think that's exactly a sonnet. Still pretty good for 30 seconds worth of work.

This is obviously going to change the way kids do their homework. It's probably a good time to talk to them about using this responsibly before they hear the siren's call of an essay writing robot.

I highly encourage you to try out ChatGPT. It's free. All you need is an email address to sign up an imagination once you log on.

Have fun!!

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