The OTR life is now for the birds. That will be the new life for Cesar, a bird that has been living at PAWS while waiting for a new forever home. He's finally landed that new home and part of will be traveling but not by flight. Cesar's new dad is an over-the-road trucker driver and he'll be by his dad's side for some of the trips.

Don't worry, there will be a custom cage built inside the truck just for Cesar so he won't be in harm's way while on the road. And, according to PAWS, Cesar will have a "mostly stay at home mom" and two other bird companions, too. And If you're wondering how PAWS determined who would be the new caretaker for Cesar - they didn't. Cesar made the decision himself.

Cesar sure picked his people, he met lots of people while at our Shelter but it was love at first sight when he met his new people.

We wish the best for Cesar and hope he enjoys the new adventures headed his way.

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