Yesterday in this space, I posted a warning from the Rockford Regional Office of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about "Freeze Scammers." Freeze scammers are out and about trying to con you with fake furnace tests, unpaid heating bills, and even shoveling.

Twice monthly, the Rockford BBB's director, Dennis Horton, joins the WROK Morning Show with the latest in scam warnings and advice to keep you from being scammed, along with really helpful consumer news and tips.

This morning, Dennis shed some more light on freeze scammers and how they manage to trick unsuspecting Rockford area people into letting them into the house, and even pay them money for their fake services. Bottom line, if you didn't make an appointment for a furnace inspection, don't allow a random door-knocker anywhere near your HVAC equipment. The same goes for unsolicited offers to shovel your driveway, sidewalk, etc.

Dennis also points out that victims have fallen for fake utility workers showing up at their door to demand payment for heat, electricity, and even water. The scam utility workers will often threaten immediate disconnection of something as vital as heat to get the victims to pay. The BBB reminds you that no utility works that way, and anyone claiming otherwise is trying to con you.

Some of the other topics we got into this morning include the huge amount of unemployment fraud claims filed here in Illinois that were caught by state authorities (over 250,000). Be wary of a letter from the state that says you've filed for unemployment (unless you actually have). Chance are someone has filed fraudulently on your behalf, and if you take the money that may follow, you're on the hook for it.

Dennis also fills us in on the IRS "Identity Protection PIN Number," and tells you why you should totally avoid the "unsubscribe" button you may find attached to some emails you've been receiving.

Listen in and take some notes as Dennis tries to help you keep your money in your pocket:


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