You might have heard of sister cities before, this is like having a sister airport. 

Cologne Bonn in Germany is teaming up with the Rockford airport to share information to help both airports run more efficiently and hopefully attract more business.

Mike Dunn, the executive director of the Chicago Rockford International Airport breaks it down.

Aircargonews - The pronounced similarities between our two airports provide a springboard for us to move forward proactively and efficiently to positively impact business, continued economic development and job growth in our regions.

It is hopefully a win-win for both municipal airports. Johan Vannese, the president of the Cologne Bonn airport added:

With the cooperation agreement between Chicago Rockford and Cologne Bonn... we will establish a regular communication and exchange platform.
The aforementioned exchange will not only include airport operations, aircraft handling and cargo handling, but also security, marketing and sales as well as air cargo and e-commerce market development.

It appears that both airports will have no secrets from each other. It also seems like this will not really affect any passenger travel at the Rockford Airport and any improvements to the airport would be on the cargo side of the business.

The city of Cologne in Germany is considerably larger than Rockford with over a million residents and is the fourth largest city in Germany. It's airport does sound similar to the Rockford Airport. While they are just the 7th busiest passenger airport with a focus on budget airlines like Ryanair, they are the 3rd busiest airport in Germany when it comes to cargo operations.


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