One of Illinois' best state parks is getting some TLC this year. 

Rock Cut laid out exactly when and what will be going on in the park this year. You can read the whole thing here. It sounds like the park is going to look pretty good when it's all done.

Highlights of the project are:

  • The road from the maintenance road west, past the concession, to the campground intersection.
  • The road is to be widened 6 feet on either side for bike and pedestrian traffic.
  • The bridge will be replaced. It will have a separate lane for bike and pedestrian traffic.
  • An additional parking lot will be added next to the one beside the dam.
  • A new bike path will be added. It will start at the new parking lot, by the dam, go across the new bridge, continue lakeside through the woods at West Lake picnic area and terminate at the concession.
  • The concession area is getting a major overhaul.
  • The current parking lot and drainage will be reworked to drain the water to the creek area to the west.
  • An additional parking lot in what is now the grass area, to the west. Essentially doubling our parking. The new bike path should terminate in that parking lot.
  • Additional bike racks.
  • A new patio just outside the concession.

Phase 1 – April 1 – May 20:
All of Hart Road to Perryville.
Main park road from the maintenance road to the entrance of the large main parking lot. During this phase patrons will need to enter through the 173 park entrance or drive to the east end of the park and circle the lake to approach the concession from the west. We will post here and on Facebook when this phase starts.

Phase 2 – May 20 – July 3:
The concession area and the road from the campground intersection T to the campground entrance. This road will remain open, during construction, so campers can get to the campground.
This phase will have the most affect on the concession area. So, please check back here and on Facebook for updates to how to get to the concession.

Phase 3 – July 5th – November
The bridge, remainder of west road, and bike path. We will post with updates to navigating.

It's going to be a bit of a pain while it's getting done but should be wonderful when it's all over.

I know a lot of people don't think about visiting Rock Cut since it's right in our backyard but from someone who has done a lot of camping, you are missing out.

A great place to take the kids or to try out camping if you're new to it. If things go wrong you can just go home or run to McDonald's for some dinner.

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