As we wrap up another fine week of “Riley & Scot” shows, I invite you to tune in to “Riley & Scot Rewind” Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. to hear what you might have missed. However, if you’re planning to sleep in tomorrow morning here’s your opportunity to catch up.

On Tuesday we had the chance to talk with "Friend of the Program" U.S. Senator Ron Johnson to discuss Keystone XL, the Benghazi Select Committee, and job growth (or lack thereof) in the country:

On Thursday we discussed a new bill pending in Springfield prompted by the shutdown of a girl's cupcake-baking operation:

Pool, Getty Images
Pool, Getty Images

Finally, also on Thursday we caught up with Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford. It had been a month or two since we last talked, so we had much to discuss from the Governor's race to Independent Maps to the I-Cash program:

More great stuff to come next week, including a talk with Congressman Adam Kinzinger and the author of a new biography of Michael Jordan.

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