A new television special coming out on PBS about guitars will include Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen.

When he comes to watching shows on TV, my go-to type is music-related. Usually, documentaries or live concerts. There are a lot of sources to find them now. Comcast has them On-Demand. Plus, there are many on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I also spend a lot of time watching the programming on AXS-TV. They have some great stuff.

If you enjoy those types of shows too, I've got a little hidden gem to tell you about. It's PBS. I know what you're thinking. That channel is just educational. Well, I'm here to tell you it's not. They play a lot of cool concerts. Plus, some really interesting music documentaries. Especially, when they are looking for donations.

A new one was just announced and I'm pretty darn excited. It's called Guitar World.

According to Cheap Trick Facebook page...

Of course, anything about guitars has to include Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick.

For more info, HERE.

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