On May 18th, Vicente Mosquera of Virginia Beach won $258,316 in the lottery by playing numbers he had heard years ago.

The 82-year-old man is described as a hardworking waiter at an Italian restaurant in Virginia Beach. After matching all five winning numbers playing Cash 5 with EZ match, he is now known as the hardworking AND lucky waiter.

Photo courtesy of the Virginia Lottery
Photo courtesy of the Virginia Lottery

Mosquera said he got is winning numbers from an unidentified person years ago. The winning numbers were 19-23-30-33-38.

According to the Virginia Lottery, the odds of matching all five numbers in the Cash 5 with EZ Match are 1 in 749,398.

Mosquera is still working his serving job at the Italian restaurant. He told lottery officials that he loves his job, which is why he is continuing. After Mosquera collected his money, he went right back to work.

Remember back in January when a guy bought 264 lottery tickets and every single ticket won? This guy was also from Virginia! Sounds like if you want to win the lottery, you should get a ticket in Virginia.

Here is the story in case you forgot:

On November 18th, Jalen Taylor won $52,000 on 104 tickets in a single Pick-3 drawing. Two months later, January came around, and Taylor won $80,000 on 160 tickets. HE WON TWICE!

All Taylor had to do was match the three-digit combination, and it was a success twice! The winning number in November was 9-6-0, each of Taylor's tickets won $500. In January the winning combo was 5-4-2, once again winning $500 per ticket. Jalen Taylor won $132,000 in just two months!

“I had a feeling... when you get a feeling, just play!” Taylor said via Virginia Lottery officials.

Virginia Lottery Officials

Virginia Lottery Officials

The first batch of winning tickets were purchased at the Food Lion on Timberwood Boulevard, while the second set of tickets were purchased at the Harris Teeter on Emmet Street, both in Charlottesville.

Taylor's plan after winning was to invest and save his money. Hopefully, he is still following his plan today.

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