The Firearm Owners Identification Card Act has been on Illinois' books for nearly 50 years, and 68th District Representative John Cabello thinks that's more than enough.

And, that's why John Cabello (R-68th District) and Andrew Chesney (R-89th District) have filed a bill which would repeal the Firearm Owner’s Identification Act (FOID).

23 WIFR News:

The 68th district Republican filed House Bill 4067 which would eliminate the law that requires all Illinois residents to apply for a FOID card in order to legally possess or purchase guns or ammunition in the state.. Those in favor of FOID cards say it helps keep Illinoians safe because the application process includes a background check. But Cabello argues that FOID cards are needed in just three other states: Hawaii.. New Jersey and Massachusetts. So why is it needed in Illinois.

"For me it's seems like it's just another road block for law abiding citizens," said Cabello. "Criminals are never going to go out and get what they need because they're criminals. It's just one more layer of government. I think right now there is a 62,000 back log of people trying to get their FOID or renew their FOID. It's a problem that we've had for a long time. "

Cabello and Chesney still need House Speaker Mike Madigan to assign the bill to a committee, which they admit, will be a long-shot.

I'd like to know why Illinoisans have to pay to exercise their constitutional right of firearm ownership (assuming they meet the legal criteria for firearm ownership).

We'll ask Representative Cabello about that, and other things, when he joins the WROK Morning Show for a chat on Wednesday morning at 8:35.

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