This recent spell of cold weather has been tough on all of us. One Chicago teen finally snapped. 

We've been warning you all winter not to leave your car unattended and running outside while unlocked. 18-year-old Eduardo Rivera personally taught someone that lesson last week.

Rivera spotted a 1999 Suburban parked on the street outside his house when he left for school. The car was running, the keys were in the ignition, and the driver's side door was unlocked. Rivera then decided to take this SUV to school instead of waiting for the bus.

Rivera may have gotten away with it had he not made a turn with out signaling and wore his seatbelt. A police officer saw the infractions and ran the plates. That's when he noticed the car was reported stolen and the whole jig was up.

According to prosecutors, Rivera has no prior criminal history and now faces a charge of possession of a motor vehicle. Rivera has been released on his own recognizance while he awaits trial.

When asked why he did it Rivera replied "It was too damn cold to wait at the bus stop." While I probably can't disagree with him on that I don't agree that grand theft auto was the only solution.