Illinois definitely has strong opinions when it comes to their favorite foods and drinks. And now, I can honestly say that I'm confused by the state's choice of their favorite pop.

I'm from Iowa, we call it POP. Don't come at me with the 's' word and all will be well haha! Only kidding!

So get this, USA Today released a list of each state's favorite soft drink. I love a good pop every once in a while, so seeing some featured drinks gave me a lot of mixed feelings. Some I completely agreed with, some confused me, and others I'd never even heard of before.

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Take a look at some of the highlights in the Midwest that shocked me...

  • Michigan - Slurpees - had absolutely no idea these counted as soft drinks haha.
  • Iowa- Squirt- YES YES YES!! I cannot recommend this drink enough.
  • Wisconsin- Jolly Good Soda. Never heard of this drink before, but OK! I'll have to try it out!

So... what do you think Ilinois' favorite soft drink was?

Illinois' Favorite Soft Drink


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Yep, the Land of Lincoln's absolute favorite soft drink is Jarritos!

I feel like I've seen this everywhere and have just never thought to give it a try. So many flavor options, I think I'd get a little overwhelmed trying to make a choice haha!

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There you have it. What do you think, do you agree? On a final note, if you've never had it you should try Squirt.

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