Governor Bruce Rauner has signed an executive order eliminating "fair share" dues for state employees who don't wish to fund government union activities and positions for which they disagree.

According to a press release, the order comes after an extensive legal review of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last year in Harris v. Quinn. In that case the Supreme Court ruled that the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act violated the First Amendment by forcing certain state employees to involuntarily pay fees to a labor union. Rauner has concluded that "fair share" provisions of the current collective bargaining agreements are similar to those outlined in the case.

The executive order signed today allows state employees who don't wish to support government unions to stop paying the forced fees and has no impact on those who wish to remain paying union dues out of their paycheck. Rauner believes continued funding for those who are against union beliefs are a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The governor said in a statement:

"Forced union dues are critical cog in the corrupt bargain that is crushing taxpayers. Any employee who is forced to pay unfair share dues is being forced to fund political activity with which they disagree."

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