Attorney General Kwame Raoul's office still cannot access their email more than a month after the attack. - According to a statement published on the Attorney General's website, the hack was first noticed on Saturday, April 10th. Taoul's office first acknowledged the breach late last week. A spokesperson for his office did not directly answer whether or not they were considering making payments to regain access to the network.

I completely understand why they did not want to comment on whether or not they were considering paying the hackers. You don't want to tip your hand in this situation. But they HAVE to pay these people because you guys are in way over your head.

There is one person that disagrees with me and unfortunately, it's BECAUSE we agree that they are in over their head. State Representative Jaime Andrade of Chicago thinks the city should not pay because the criminals could come right back at them and Illinois just doesn't have the cybersecurity to keep up with them.

In order to get your top, top (cybersecurity expert), you're going to have to spend the money, and it's difficult.

So the state admits that it doesn't spend enough on cybersecurity and then doesn't want to pay the ransom when they are compromised.

Kwame Raoul's office is hardly the first government office to be attacked by hackers and it definitely will not be the last. Some government agencies simply paid the ransom and everything was back to normal. There is a sort of honor among thieves in the hacking rules. It's like they all know that they have to play by the rules for this whole game to work.

We'll have to wait and see how Raoul's office will handle it now that it's public knowledge. The hackers have all the time in the world, what will the next move be?

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