I suffered a bit of an injury last weekend. 

Last Saturday night I slipped off a barstool and faceplanted into the side of a pool table. The injuries were pretty grotesque. An ambulance ride and about 2 hours of painful stitches was the result. There are pictures out there but I'm not going to post them here. If you look hard enough you can find them.

I'm doing MUCH better now after a week of rest and have 3 main sources of thanks.

One is my friend Angie. She went with me to the hospital and eventually drove me home. Angie's a nurse so she was VERY helpful and calming through the whole ordeal.

Another is my friend Romer. He let me stay in his dark basement for four days while I healed and made sure I was comfortable. Couldn't have done it without him.

The last is TV. I was basically prone for 4 days and had nothing but streaming services to entertain me. Here's what I consumed while my brain put itself back together.

18. Pete Davidson: Alive From New York (Netflix)

I like Pete Davidson but this is objectively not good. The only plus is that it's short, only 50 minutes long. 20 of that is decent but the rest should not be performed again.

17. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (HBO)

To be honest I slept through about half of this but I don't think I missed any plot points. Special effects were cool but everything was oddly blue.

***NOTE: Those were the only two things I watched that I didn't really like. I recommend the rest of this list***

16. Chef Season 3 (Netflix)

This is a great cooking show from Jon Favreau and Roy Choi that's not always about cooking. It's a really great show but I will admit that this third season was the weakest offering so far. Still worth your time.

15. The Office - Diwali Episode (Netflix)

This was a random Office episode that I put on while eating dinner one night. A good but not great episode of The Office. It is amazing hearing some of the jokes they got away with just 10 years ago. I can guarantee you that someone will have to apologize for an "Office" joke sometime in the next 5 years.

14. Billy On The Street - Various Episodes (Netflix)

I put a lot of these on when I needed background noise for doing something else. This is always funny, sometimes offensive, and occasionally annoying. This isn't for everyone but you should at least check it out.

13. Trailer Park Boys - Alex Lifeson Episode (Netflix)

This isn't the best episode of Trailer Park Boys but it's one of my favorites. I think I just really like Bubble's performance in this one.

12. Bridesmaids (HBO)

Put this on one night to fall asleep and ended up watching the whole thing. It holds up surprisingly well and the food poisoning scene might be one of the funniest of the decade.

11. Lego Masters (FOX)

I'm not a big reality show guy but Will Arnett is just disinterested enough to keep this show chugging along. I will stay tuned for the rest of the season.

10. Black Mirror - USS Callister (Netflix)

This is one of the few Black Mirrors that has a happy(?) ending. If you've never seen the show before this is a good episode to start with. Just trust me to NOT watch season 1 episode 1 for your first taste of Black Mirror. Seriously, trust me.

9. Other Guys (Netflix)

I feel like people are finally giving this movie its due now that it's back on Netflix. The literal definition of an underrated comedy.

8. Numberphile video (YouTube)

My name is Joe and I watch math videos. This one is excellent. I know it's long but if you remember a little bit of high school geometry and algebra and you like solving puzzles this will entertain you. Give it a chance, the host is delightful.

7. Party Down Season 1 (Amazon Prime)

Just a hilarious show that got two seasons and then everyone involved got too big to keep it going. Season one is better than season 2 but both are hilarious.

6. High Maintenance Season 1 (HBO)

I can't believe this show just started its 4th season on HBO because I haven't heard anyone talk about it anywhere. This isn't for everyone but the storytelling in this series is top-notch. They really take advantage of HBO's loose censorship policy so make sure the kids aren't around for this one

5. Forever (Amazon Prime)

The less you know about this Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph vehicle the better. You've never heard this story before and the acting is pitch-perfect. Can't wait for season 2.

4. Cheers - Pick A Con Any Con (Netflix)

I love Cheers and Season 1 Episode 19 is probably my favorite. You have Coach (RIP) teaming up with Harry Anderson (also RIP) for some excellent shenanigans. I watch this episode quarterly.

3. Documentary Now! - Co-op (Netflix)

Fred Armisen and John Mulaney have this show on IFC called Documentary Now! that makes fake documentaries that are absolutely perfect. Season one's two-part finale "Blue Jean Committee" should be mandatory viewing for anyone from Chicago. This one, however, is probably my favorite. It follows a studio recording of a Broadway musical that was just canceled. Songs are great and you forget that you're watching a mocumentary.

2. High Maintenance Season 2 (HBO)

Couldn't stop watching this show and season 2 was excellent. I'll fully admit that the "main character gets hurt and relies on friends to nurse him back to health" plot of season 2 was a little on the nose relating to my situation but I think it will translate to others. This show is the best.

1. Master of None Season 2 (Netflix)

Might be my favorite show of the decade. It's beautiful and very funny. This season tackles some tough issues and has one of the best love stories I've ever seen. A big thanks to Aziz Ansari for helping me through the healing phase of my face.

I'm back full time next week. BIG BIG BIG thanks to everyone who helped me out this past week. Takes a village guys.

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