If this measure is passed it may prevent any future Dr. Daos. 

MyStateline - Under the proposed measure, all Chicago city employees, including Aviation Police, would be barred from boarding unless it's a criminal matter or medical emergency.

To be clear this wouldn't ban police from entering the plane if there was an all out brawl or if the flight crew felt that someone's safety was in danger. What it would avoid is the police having to board the plane to do the airline's dirty work.

I have mixed feelings about this. Coming from working in a restaurant I relied on the police more than once to help me remove a patron from my store. I didn't want to have to get physical with anyone I didn't have to. Hopefully this wouldn't lead to physical conflict between passengers and flight staff but I can see some staff getting full of themselves and taking things into their own hands.

The measure is still in it's early stages but could become a law soon.

Do you think this is something that should be done? Would you still feel safe?

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