Should the DeKalb School Board hire a private detective agency to spy on students who are enrolled in the district? Sounds scary, but essentially this is what a number of residents feel the school board is considering.

On Tuesday night,  the DeKalb School Board heard a presentation from a private detective agency the school board is considering hiring, to investigate the residency of children who attend DeKalb District 428 schools. The plan proposed is known as the 'student residency verification plan."

Tensions at the meeting were at an all time high as 10 individuals spoke strongly against the proposal during the special board. In fact, the board President warned those in attendance, that they would be asked to leave the room if they were not calm.

Citizens argued that the investigators would be targeting of minority groups and that  students would be followed home, to verify they live in the school district's geographical area.

One published media report said that DeKalb School Board president Victoria Newport believes there are concerns in the community about student enrollment growing, even though no new homes are being built.

The Daily Chronicle reports that many argued that hiring these private investigators could:

Disrupt student diversity and cause the administration to lose public trust.

Video of Tuesday night's meeting can be seen here

The DeKalb school district is now overseen by Superintendent Jamie Craven, who just started with the district this summer. Craven comes from the Rochelle School District.

Who is right?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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