The winter storm that brought so much of the Northeast to its knees couldn't stop one man. Well, we think it's a man.

During WWLP's coverage of the snow that blanketed the Springfield, Mass. region this week, a person dressed as a "pot Sasquatch" showed up on camera, causing the most surprising Bigfoot sighting you'll ever hear about.

Yes, it's a Sasquatch covered in marijuana leaves. The weather may have been awful, but when you've smoked a joint or two and have nothing in the pantry, you're still going to need to go out to satisfy those munchies, no matter how treacherous the roads may be. Sasquatch is elusive, so we don't expect he's going to be setling down and planting any roots in Springfield anytime soon.

Another video of dear ol' PS also appeared on the station's Facebook page and immediately blew up.

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