Even though egg prices have gone through the roof over the last year (up almost 60% since March of 2022), you could, at the very least, count on the fact that even though they're expensive, there were eggs available for purchase.

That leaves us with a good news/bad news scenario.

The good news is that plenty of eggs can still be found in stores, but the bad news is there's one store chain that has said "Alright, enough!" and has taken eggs off of their store shelves in Illinois and throughout the United States until prices come back down again...assuming that they do.

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Dollar Tree has called a halt to egg sales for an interesting reason. (Getty Images)

Dollar Tree, The Store With A "Primary Price Point" Of $1.25, Says That They Can't Afford To Sell Eggs Now That Eggs Have Hit Historic Price Levels

Dollar Tree's primary price point used to be...wait for it...a dollar. But now they feature a primary price point of $1.25 thanks to all the inflation we've been dealing with. Dollar tree also has products at $3 and $5 price points, but those products are in a minority.


A Dollar Tree spokesperson told Reuters, which first reported the news, the chain does not anticipate bringing eggs back into Dollar Tree stores until the fall.

Unlike Dollar Tree, Family Dollar stores, which are also owned by Dollar Tree, Inc., still have eggs and will continue to sell them, the company confirmed to USA TODAY.

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Dollar Tree Has Over 8,000 Locations Throughout The United States And Canada

Although Dollar Tree's primary motivator in removing eggs from their stores is their inability to make a profit selling eggs at their current price levels, another reason is the problem we're seeing everywhere: short staffing, or what Dollar Tree calls "a lean staffing model."


David D’Arezzo, who was a former executive at Dollar General and other retailers and now works as an industry consultant, revealed that the company also made the decision to remove eggs from its stores due to it having a “lean staffing model” in stores. This means that workers changing price tags every week on the grocery item to account for changes in the market could be considered an “extra strain” on the stores’ operations.

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