If you were bummed out when Half Price Books shut down last month, I have some good news. 

The popular bookstore shut down at the end of March due to not being able to afford rent anymore. According to a Reddit post this morning they're coming back:

Reddit - As some of you may recall...HFB was closing because their landlord doubled their rent. Well, it looks like they have found a new home. I haven't been able to 100% confirm the date, but looks like they are reopening in the old Tuesday Morning location on East State, next to Gustafson's Furniture.

The poster thinks they will be reopening on May 15th, so keep your eyes open.

In addition to books, they had some retro gaming stuff and a record selection as well. Honestly something for everyone. Make sure you check it out in two weeks and help them stay in business for good this time.

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