How do you feel about Jingle Bells all day every day? It's a real thing kicking off in Chicago tomorrow, November 3. 

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs I tend to spend a lot of my social media time stalking radio and TV stations in the city. I feel like I know all of them having listened to them throughout my childhood and for most of my adulthood too.

But, there are a few media personalities in the city I actually do know, and one of them is Melissa Forman.

When I was in broadcasting school... ten years ago... I interned at a TV show called 'You & Me This Morning,' which aired on WCIU.


Melissa Forman and Jeanne Sparrow hosted the show and it was SO MUCH FUN. Both of those ladies are back on the Chicago radio airwaves these days and Melissa is pretty much Chicago radio's leading morning lady on 93.9 FM.

Not only is Melissa probably the nicest person on earth but she's also the perfect person to kick off the holiday season in Chicago.

On one hand, I think November 3 is a little early for all Christmas all the time, but if anyone can do it, it's Melissa.

She made the announcement on social media and all over Chicago TV station today that around 4pm tomorrow the station will flip to Christmas only.

If you're traveling to Chicago this month or next in the morning, make sure to check in on Melissa, I guarantee listening to her will make you smile.

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