You're going to eat, might as well do it for a good cause.

Chipotle has been doing this kind of thing for a while, so it shouldn't come as a big shock.

After all, Chipotle's main value is that they "believe that food has the power to change the world" and they're doing just that tonight.

This time around, if you grab dinner, Chipotle will hook up Rockford's Northwest Community Center.

According to Northwest Community Center on Facebook:

Enjoy dinner and support NWCC on Monday, April 26th! If you are not able to join but still want to support NWCC you can also make a donation on our website


Stop by for a late lunch or dinner tonight at Chipotle at 751 South Perryville Road in Rockford today only between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and show them the above flyer or just tell them you're "supporting the cause."

Photo by Miguel Andrade on Unsplash
Photo by Miguel Andrade on Unsplash


From there, 33% of the proceeds will be donated to Northwest Community Center. Sounds simple!


Located at 1325 North Johnston Avenue, the Northwest Community Center enriches "the quality of life within the diverse population of northwest Rockford."

The community center provides youth, adult, and senior programs along with providing educational opportunities.

You can't go wrong. You know you're probably going to end up at Chipotle at some point this week, so you might as well just go tonight and help out a great local cause.

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