What a weird week it has been in Northern Illinois.

Earlier this week Rockford Park District officials were greeted at Nicholas Conservatory's lagoon by a mountain of soap suds. They believe someone poured some soap into one of the waterfalls overnight. You can pics of the massive mess here.


Another weird thing that happened this week involves ticked-off panhandlers, well one specifically.

It's not secret panhandlers have been rampant since the pandemic in 2020. It's almost impossible to go through a major Rockford intersection without encountering a panhandler.

In an effort to detour people from giving money to panhandlers, new signs from the City of Rockford have been posted. These signs direct possibly charitable people to give to local charities instead.


Credit: Rachael Perry, MyStateline.com
Credit: Rachael Perry, MyStateline.com

The man in the image above was interviewed by MyStateline and seemed perturbed about people giving him things other than money. He said he'll accept any blessing, "even if it's five cents", yet such isn't the case.

The panhandler pointed to what appears to be snacks that were handed to him, but he didn't seem keen on those.


What really upset this man was something throwing a dead fish at him. I get why he'd be unhappy about that but I have questions, well mainly one.

Who drives around with a dead fish readily available to toss out their vehicle's window?

Credit: Rachael Perry, MyStateline.com
Credit: Rachael Perry, MyStateline.com

In the interview below, this panhandler said he makes about $100 a day. If he's racking in a Benjamin a day, seven days a week, he's making some good bank.

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