This is just said.

A video showing people from Michigan trying to explain simple concepts and phrases about Illinois is gaining attention on the internet.

In the video, the Michiganders struggle when asked to talk about Chicago landmarks such as Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) and Lake Shore Drive.

"You'd figure that would be from Boston," one of the interview subjects says regarding The Bean in the video.

Nope, that's Chicago.

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We'll give them them "down state," since not even those living in Illinois can seem to agree on that. (Be honest, you know "down state" equals anything south of Springfield)

The rest of this video, however, has to be an act. There is just no way people in Michigan can be this unknowledgeable when it comes to knowing Illinois.

Sure, the states are in different time zones, but they are not that far from each other. What is happening when these people drive through Indiana? Do they forget everything they learned in the Land of Lincoln?

Watch for yourself as these people struggle with simple Illinois terms everyone in the midwest should know by now.

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