If you love movie memorabilia you probably want to make a visit to Volo, Illinois sometime soon.

There's something so cool about getting up close and personal with something that you once saw on the big screen.

Whether that's walking down a street where your favorite TV show was filmed, or stopping by a re-created set... meeting an actual star of the show or getting to see the car they drove, it's all magical.

What's really magical is seeing so many movie items in one place!

That place is the Volo Museum. You probably thought it was called the Volo Auto Museum... it used to be... but now it's just the Volo Museum because it's packed with so much more than just cars.

However, the cars that fill the museum are the coolest!

One very large section of the museum is devoted to cars you'll remember from your favorite movies.

That includes cars from Ghostbusters, cars from Back to the Future, Knight Rider, and Dukes of Hazards, and a huge selection of cars from the Fast and the Furious movie franchise.

One of those 'Fast & Furious' cars is the very last car Paul Walker drove before he passed away.

I was so impressed by all of the items in the museum. I'm guilty of assuming it was a museum filled with cars I wouldn't really care about and I was super wrong.

The museum is adding even more exhibits this summer too, and you can check them out in this video.

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