In a surprising turn of events, parts of Rock Cut State Park have been opened. 

MyStateline - According to the park’s concession vendor, “Rock Cut is open. Not the concession, beach or campground. We will work to fill pop machine at the concession next week and fill the bait machine. No minnows until we open the concession. It opened this morning. This is all we know. We will post more as we find out. We can at least hike and fish. Boat launches are open.”

According to everything we've looked at it seems as though you can go enjoy the trails and bodies of water at Rock Cut.

Did it have something to do with the petition from Representative Cabello? We'll have to wait and see but as you can hear towards the end of our interview, this was something he was hyper-focused on.

Weather is going to be beautiful this weekend. Rock Cut would be a great place to enjoy it.

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