A couple of weeks back, I told you that the locally shot and produced video series "Our City, Our Story" was something really special. Take some time to check out Pablo Korona's (and his team's) marvelous work, and you'll see that I'm right.

In my post from February 15th, we talked about the latest video from Our City, Our Story, called "Merle + Stella. It's a wonderful piece of work that, in just a few minutes, tells the story of a Rockford couple who've been together nearly 80 years. It's sweet, it's funny, and it will probably hit you right in "the feels."

Since then, two more videos in the series have been released. The first, "Passion for the Clippers," takes a little over one minute to tell you about Rockford's Anthony Hamilton. Hamilton and his crew are giving back by donating free haircuts every third Monday through a project put together by Erinn Katy. Anthony seems like a great guy:

The second video released over the last couple of weeks is a bit longer, but worth every moment you spend watching. It's called "That One Time I Saw My Grandpa's Junk." The title certainly got my attention, but the marvelous story told by Rockford's Jim Yeager about his grandfather, Howard Crosby, had me enthralled from start to finish. Many people fancy themselves as storytellers, but Jim Yeager is the real deal:

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