When it comes to Illinois, you have a myriad of reasons why people pack up and go.

For some, it's work, others education. It can be crime, diversity, or just the lack of overall quality of life in the area.

Regardless of your feeling for the state, I feel the main reason people want to pack up and move out is the weather.

Plain and simple, the weather out here is the worst. Now before you say "It's even more terrible in other areas of America," I'm a go ahead and stop you.


I am aware the weather stinks in those parts too, I and countless others would be unhappy in those states as well.

So anyway, MoneyWise put together a list of The States Americans Are Leaving (And Where They Are Headed) and shocker, Illinois came in at #2 overall.

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The real surprise in the article is that 67.2% of moves in the Land of Lincoln are out of state. As in, "It's been real Illinois, but it's time to move somewhere warm and sunny."

However, there are other reasons.


The state lacks job opportunities and reached an all-time high for resignations in August last year during the Great Resignation. To make matters worse, Kiplinger named it the least tax-friendly state for middle-class families in 2021.

A little later they do mention the weather in Illinois as being another example of why people leave.

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But if so many people are moving out, why do people stay in Illinois?

For me, it's an easy answer. Family. I was born and raised in this state and I don't see us going anywhere for the time being.

We've got families, we've got friends and plenty of other great reasons to stay. There's no amount of bad weather that's going to keep us away, but it wouldn't be awful to have it feel like Florida around here year-round.

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