An investigative report on the news last night got me thinking about Rockford's roundabout problem.

After watching the "Wreck-It Roundabout" report on WTVO, I decided to do some Google searching in order to find a fix for the roundabout issue at Main and Auburn Street.

I figured Carmel, a suburban city in Indiana, a place residents refer to as "Roundabout City, USA" might have an answer.

Carmel is home to over 100 roundabouts, and, this is just a guess but if you're going to have as many of those in your town or city you might be doing something right.

Imagine if there were 100 roundabouts in Rockford? Yikes, but that's a story for another time.

Thankfully we only have two in Rockford and it's a good thing because most people are having a nightmare of a time trying to figure out how it works. but Carmel it seems, has it all figured out.

Many of their roundabouts work just like ours but I did notice something interesting regarding one their more congested areas, they use somewhat of a metered approach. Explained, Carmel installed traffic lights, however, they only are used when traffic gets heavy.

Using Carmel's metered queue in Rockford would alleviate any of the issues that currently plague the Main and Auburn Street roundabout.

The solution is there, if it's OK for "Roundabout City, USA" it should work just fine in our "Two Roundabout City."


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