Several new stores, food spots and vending machines recently appeared at Cherryvale Mall, with more on the way. One vending machine is getting all the talk.

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Cherrvale Mall and The District at Cherryvale have some new tenants and a few new vending machines to enhance your shopping. One of the new machines has us scratching our heads a little.

Let's cover the list of actual stores, first:

Rammim Beauty

Haircare, skincare and a ton of beauty products. It’s on the upper level next to Yankee Candle.

Smoke Arena

E-cigarette, tobacco and vaping products. Located at The District

Laced Up 815

Collectable shoes and clothing and accessories. It will open Sept. 3 on the upper level next to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Rugged Cowboy

Western-style clothing and accessories. Located on the upper level next to Hollister, this store opens on Sept. 4.

G Rose

Nike, Puma and other casual apparel. On the lower level next to Tilt. Expected to open Oct. 1.

Corner Store Factory

This ongoing project will expand to feature more unique and exciting products.

Tilted 10 Restaurant & Bar

Located inside at the bowling lanes on the lower level of Tilt Studio. diners can order burgers, appetizers, signature cocktails and more.

Galleria Furniture and Mattress

On the lower level at the west end of the mall.

Now, these vending machines. The first one doesn't seem all that unusual.

The Jaunty Collection

A vending machine with eyelashes and make up on the upper level near Bath & Body Works.

This next vending machine has me a little confused.

B3 Lux Wig Collection

Located on the lower level by the food court, this vending machine has wigs and extensions at the push of a button.


I'm trying to wrap my brain around being able to buy hair in a vending machine, but clearly there is a demand. Inside this machine is some very good quality hair, too.

Back in the 90s, I bought some hair, but it wasn't from a vending machine in a mall.

I got my hair from the salon that braided me up.


Man, the 90s had me looking like Milli Vanilli.

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