Don't worry, this isn't another social media post blasting candy corn. I think we've reached a saturation point on the candy corn slander in America. No one likes it. It feels like punching down at this point.

I did just find out this morning that there's another classic candy out there that, until just a few years ago, was made just north of the border in Janesville, Wisconsin. That would be the peanut butter kiss.


I used to love these things. I didn't know what they were officially called peanut butter kisses until maybe 5 years ago. I was pretty sure these were peanut butter kisses.

kiss cookie
kiss cookie

They are not. Those are usually called peanut butter blossom cookies, or whatever your grandma calls them when she bakes them.

The candies came up on the morning show after Riley and I were talking about Halloween candy and a caller said that the peanut butter kisses were his favorite and he can't find them anymore because they stopped making them.

After doing a little research, I found out that he was correct. But I also found out that not only were they not being made before, and that they were made in Wisconsin, but I also found out that a LOT of people hate them. Including my radio partner Riley O'Neil.

The candy company in question is Melster Candies, a candy company originally from Cambridge before moving to Janesville in 2011. They recently stopped manufacturing the candy 2 years ago because I guess not enough people liked them.

NOTE: For some reason they still make circus peanuts which, A) Are objectively horrible, 2) should have been discontinued 70 years ago and D) apparently are banana flavored. Who knew?

There's a lot of slander on the interwebs attacking peanut butter kisses, which I will not share here, you can find that on your own.

You can still pick up a bag on Amazon, but it appears that the supply is dwindling and you won't be able to get it to your house by Halloween.

This was one of those things that I was initially disappointed in but then realized that I hadn't bought or had one in about a decade and realized that I'm probably part of the reason why you can't get them anymore. Sorry guys.

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