In Illinois, you can find one of the best hot chocolates in the United States.

Hot Chocolate Is Delightful

I am not a huge fan of most hot drinks. I have never enjoyed coffee or tea. In fact, for the most part, I am an ice water guy. On a cold winter day, I am all about a cup of delicious hot chocolate. Usually, on special occasions. When I do, it is not at home from a packaged mix. I much prefer ordering it from a beverage place that specializes in it. I believe it is worth spending the extra money on it.


The Best Hot Chocolate I Have Ever Experienced

I have experienced some very tasty hot chocolate in my life. I have only been to Starbucks one time and they had some pretty good stuff. Here in Rockford, Meg's Daily Grind and Rockford Roasting Company are right up at the top.


Recently, I just had my favorite of all time. It might surprise you but it was at Soldier Field for a Chicago Bears Monday Night Football game. It was ridiculous. The perfect temperature and amount of flavor. My friends that went with me agreed with my assessment.


Where Is The Best Hot Chocolate In Illinois

After that yummy hot chocolate experience, I started thinking about who actually had the top-rated beverage in Illinois. While doing my research, not only did I find the spot but I also discovered their cocoa is one of the best in the whole United States.


According to Yelp, sitting at the #4 spot in the entire country is Katherine Anne Confections in Chicago. It is located in the Logan Square Neighborhood at 2745 West Armitage. I love the fact that they call it "Drinking Chocolate." That sounds so amazing.


From their website,

"Hot chocolate has always been one of our favorite drinks, winter or summer."


"We love it chocolatey, thick, and preferably topped with homemade marshmallows or our Kilgus Farms whipped cream."


"When we opened our confiserie in 2012, we launched our luxurious drinking chocolate as our signature item."

I am definitely going to have to try this place out. It is going straight on my bucket list

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