15th and Chris has some of the best burgers in Illinois let alone Rockford, and as of Wednesday, they are back in business. 

To be clear, I am getting nothing for this (although, James if you're reading this and want to throw in an extra order of fries next time I won't complain.) I just want to share this jewel of a restaurant on the south side of Rockford.

I know burgers. I've had more than my fair share. These are some of the best you'll find. You can tell that Owner/Head Chef James Purifoy loves what he does and it shows in his food and in how he interacts with his customers. You'll usually see James at the register taking orders and guiding people through the menu. He reminds me of Doug from Hot Doug's in Chicago, and his food should be just as much of a destination restaurant as the now defunct hot dog and sausage place.

You can always build your own but I suggest starting out with one of Purifoy's creations (I'm partial to the 205, but there are some new additions this year that I need to try.) The fries are next level. There's some sort of parmesean seasoning that will have you dumping the bag into your mouth like you do with the Dorito's bag, trying to grab the last crumbs. You'll also want to try the wings and grab a shake if you have room in your stomach. What you'll find is you're going to need more than one trip to 15th and Chris to try everything you want.

The story behind Purifoy's restaurant is pretty remakable as well. You can check it out in this video from Rockford's "Our City, Our Story" series.

Make a trip to the near South Side of Rockford sooner than later. You won't regret it.


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