Just when you thought it was safe to travel, one eerily named road in the Rockford area has been named one of the "creepiest" in the state.

As if the name Blood's Point Road isn't scary enough, the road landed in the #3 spot on the "Creepiest Roads in Illinois" list from Mysterious Heartland.


Blood's Point Road "was named after Arthur Blood" and legends say "the railroad bridge was the scene of a deadly school bus accident" a "hanging" and others say they see "phantom dogs" with "glowing red eyes."

Also on the list but not quite as "creepy" is Kennedy Hill Road just outside of Byron. Coming it at #10, Mysterious Heartland says "dozens of people reported seeing a young woman in various stages of dress walking down Kennedy Hill Road."


Other legendary sightings surrounding Kennedy Hill Road are "the ghost of a woman who had been buried in a nearby cemetery," "a mentally disabled girl," and a "transvestite who wore his girlfriends clothes" following her tragic death.

Have you seen anything weird on either of these two roads? Which one is creepier? Blood's Point or Kennedy Hill Road?

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