If you're on the hunt for some delicious BBQ you won't have to go too far out of Rockford to find it.

Sure you can head into Chicago, or leave the state entirely, to get a decent rack of ribs but why do that when one of the Best BBQ joints in Illinois is in our very own backyard.

That's what makes having the Smokin' Coop, 2022 Business Route 20 in Belvidere, a Rockford area treasure.

Smokin' Coop was listed as the 7th best BBQ joint according to Best Things in Illinois.

Landing in the top 10 of any list, BBQ, or otherwise in Illinois is no small feat. When you have to compete with Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, it's easy for restaurants outside of the Chicago area to get left in the dust.

However, the quality of food coming from Smokin Coop in Belvidere is the reason why they're being recognized.

Best Things in Illinois:

This no-frills, family-owned barbecue joint serves excellent, fall-off-the-bone tender meats and sides. Customers love the melt-in-your-mouth flavors from their famous ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork. Everything is seasoned and smoked to perfection, plus their sides are all homemade and incredible.

Seems like customers agree too. According to Yelp, Smokin' Coop is rated four out of five based on 116 reviews.

Maxine T. from Naperville on Yelp said "If you are craving BBQ, this is the place - skip the restaurant BBQ chain and come here!" and Tim M. from Elgin mentioned "This place is hitting on all cylinders for the ambiance; picnic tables, rustic decor, and outdoor seating. Just how bbq should be."

The only thing customers really had a gripe about was that the restaurant isn't open year-round and it's cash-only, but now that you know that, you're all set.

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