The biggest box office hit since 2019 will be played at every drive-in in the Stateline area.

Fast and Furious 9 drew in $70 million over the past weekend. The best haul by a movie since before the pandemic. The reviews have been exactly what you expect. It's not a great movie, but it's a great movie to go see. I haven't seen many of them and I don't think you have to be totally immersed in the Fast and/or Furious universe to catch up with the plotline.

If you want to see F9 at a drive-in, and it seems like an awesome movie to see under the stars, here are 5 drive-ins that are within about 90 minutes of Rockford.

SkyVu Drive-In - Monroe, WI

They are having a "cool cars" weekend in Monroe.

They kick it off with F9, plenty of cool cars in that one.

Then follow it up with the Delorean-centric Back To The Future:

Midway Drive-In - Sterling, Il

They will also be starting off with F9. Here's a different trailer for the Vin Diesel vehicle:

Then they will be following it up with a movie that has gotten a lot of play at the local drive-ins lately, Jaws. Too scary for me, but maybe you're into that.

McHenry Outdoor Theater - McHenry, IL

You'll have to wait for the second movie of this double feature to catch F9. They'll be playing the (I"m assuming) family-friendly Boss Baby 2. Like F9, if you haven't seen the prequel, I think you'll still be fine.

Then comes F9. Here's a recap video of the first 8 Fast and Furious movies to catch you up:

Rt. 34 Drive-In - Monroe, WI

They will be playing the exact same double feature as the Midway Drive-In in Sterling. F9 followed by Jaws.

Here's the trailer for the Fast and Furious movie without a number, Hobbs and Shaw:

I saw this. It is ridiculous and awesome. They really know what they're doing.

Highway 18 Outdoor Theater - Jefferson, WI

They will be playing the same double feature in the same order as the McHenry drive-in with Boss Baby 2 (still featuring Alec Baldwin!) followed by F9. I'm out of Fast and Furious trailers to show you so just check out this Fast and Furious inspired trailer from SNL for a hard Disney movie. Pretty funny.

Gorgeous holiday weekend coming up, get out and enjoy it under the stars.

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