I used to watch 'That '70s Show' like my life depended on it.  One of the stars from the show was in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week and you probably didn't even know!

Normally, I keep up with which celebrities are coming near my hometown.  This one was news to me this morning!  If you've never watched 'That '70' Show', it's a classic comedy that never failed to make you laugh!

That '70s Show is a comedy about an eclectic group of friends on the verge of adulthood in the 1970's. The group live in the suburbs of Wisconsin, where they yearn for independence amid the growing pains of becoming adults.


Best known for his role as Eric Forman in the show, actor Topher Grace made a stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin last week and it was a surprise to many!

What made this visit even more exciting for fans is 'That '70s Show' was located in a fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin. How funny!

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He stopped at Blak Coffee Kenosha - the ONLY black-owned coffee shop in the area!  He really plugged the shop with an Instagram post he made when he was there.

Why did Topher make a stop in Wisconsin you ask?  He was visiting his father-in-law with his wife, Ashley, and their two kids!  Ashley actually went to school in Kenosha!

Look at this photo Topher also posted, he looks exactly like his fictional character, Eric Forman, as he was in the show years ago.. this man doesn't age!

His father-in-law said Topher Grace and his family may be seen more frequently in the downtown Kenosha area during the Summer while they visit family!  If you do spot him, make sure to respect their privacy just like anybody else.

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