In October people were scouring grocery store shelves for Mystery Oreo's in hopes of winning $50,000 by correctly identifying the mystery flavor. I was not one of those. Well, that's half false. I did buy some when the hype wore off but I didn't bother entering my guess at Oreo's' website, even though I knew the flavor. Having spent a good portion of life as a kid eating nothing but cereal, I was sure it was Fruity Pebbles. If you thought it was that flavor too we both missed out on a shot at 50k because Oreos confirmed the flavor on their Facebook page.

Facebook via Oreo

It's highly likely the Fruity Pebble Oreos will be available nationwide (at least for a limited time) but I'll stick to getting my Fruity Pebbles the way God intended, out of a box.

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