A few weeks ago, news broke that the Taco Bell in Wrigleyville would be replaced by next season, but Chicagoans are not happy and organizing a protest at the Bell this weekend.

When we heard that the iconic Wrigleyville Taco Bell was probably getting torn down, Cubs fans everywhere shed a tear.

Ok, maybe not like an actual tear, but people were pretty upset.

Even if you're not a Cubs fan, but you've spent a few nights singing karaoke at The Cubby Bear, you've landed at that Taco Bell for more tacos than you probably needed.

People are so upset that there is a protest this Saturday to save the Wrigley Taco Bell.

According to the Facebook Event, there are over 1,000 people planning to attend the (hopefully calm and respectful) protest on August 26, and over 2,000 others that are interested.

The protest starts at 1pm, at the Wrigley Taco Bell, of course.

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