I know what you're thinking, "How often are you smelling the roads in Rockford?"

Well, I grew up in Chicago and lived near the Chicago River, and there were days the smell that came off that thing was so strong it's been permanently seared into my brain.


While crossing over the Chicago River and its stench is certainly the worst-smelling stretch of road I've ever encountered, I think Forest Hills Road in Loves Park is a contender for best.

That's because 5500 Forest Hills Road is home to Mondelez International.

Google Maps
Google Maps


According to mondelezinternational.com, they're "one of the world's largest snacks companies." They produce gum, candy, chocolate, cookies, and drinks.

Specifically, they make Sour Patch Kids candy along with Stride and Trident gum. That's the scent I always pick up when cruising down Forest Hills, gum.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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In a press release posted to the Mondelez website, CEO Dirk Van de Put said:

Snacking Made Right is part of everything we do at Mondelēz International. It drives us to take care of our people, to protect our resources, and provide moments of comfort and connection for our consumers around the world.

Snacking Done Right? How about Smelling Done Right? If there was a way that I could duplicate the smell from Mondelez and say, transport it, duplicate it, or clone it for use in one of the Rockford parking garages I'd be very grateful.

The smell coming from those things might challenge the Chicago River for the "Worst Thing in the World to Sniff."

A weird question coming, and I know that but what stretch of road, town, or business just smells the best to drive past or walk through? Tell us!

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