Imagine a world free of long lines at theme parks and attractions. It's slowly becoming a reality.

There aren't many thing worse than standing in a long line, in the sun, waiting to experience a roller coaster that lasts less than a minute. Truthfully, stepping on a Lego sounds more enjoyable. Thankfully, amusement parks are starting to get the hint.

Parks like Six Flags Great America have The Flash Pass that allow you to schedule your ride or get you through the line faster but it's not always applicable for all the coasters in one day. It can also cost you up to $150 per person. Yikes, right? Same goes for any water park or "family fun" sort of place - there's always long lines. Thankfully, some theme parks have realized we don't want to wait in a ginormous line and certainly don't want to cough up a Benjamin to do less waiting.

Universal Orlando Resort is one of the theme parks grasping the impatience of today's world and offering alternative options to staring at a stranger's backside for two hours. According to WREX, the new 'Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon' ride will have a lounge area complete with couches, chairs, phone charging stations, interactive displays, and more - in place of a long line that resembles a mouse searching for cheese experiment.

Long Lines At Theme Parks
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Like Six Flags Flash Pass you will be notified when it's your turn through an app or by seeing your color on a screen, which will also be sung by a quartet. You can read more about these awesome things by clicking here.

With that idea shared - can places near Rockford take note? There are "skip the line" options at Six Flags, Magic Waters, and places in Wisconsin Dells but there is almost always fee on top of cost of admission. Why not come up with ideas similar to Universal's and have lounge areas or places to wait to kill time that are more enjoyable than standing in seemingly never ending line? Or just toss in the some sort of app option to let us know it's our time to ride. This needs to happen.

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