Shocking news, Illinois is one of the best states for drivers.

A recent study outlined "The States With The Worst Drivers" and at the top of the list is Mississippi closely followed by Tennessee and California. The only state in the midwest that ranks in the top ten worst is Missouri. They tied with the Golden State for 3rd worst in the U.S.

SmartAsset did the study and they based their numbers on three different categories to come up with a score.

  • Percentage of drivers insured
  • DUI Arrests per 1,000 Drivers
  • Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled

Way down on the list was Illinois ranked in the 40th spot. Believe it or not, Illinois has a better driving score than Wisconsin and (outside of Nebraska) the only state from the Midwest in the top 10 states with "good" drivers.

The biggest factor in Illinois' top 10 score, was where we ranked in the "DUI Arrests per 1,000 Drivers category." Illinois ranked number one in that category, scoring a .43 with Delaware's .51 close behind.

It's hard to argue with the facts that SmartAsset put together for the study, but really? Chicago is a nightmare for drivers, Rockford isn't much better.

If there are great drivers in Illinois, where are you hiding?

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