If you've ever wondered if getting out on Black Friday (BF) was worth it, you're not alone. There are lots of opinions and theories on whether you should buy earlier, or wait for the markdowns and special pricing on BF. Those who buy earlier claim that they're avoiding the "markup before the markdown" that comes with shopping on BF, while those who head out the door at 4:30am to get to the doorbuster of their choice claim significant savings each year. Who's right?

According to a study done by WalletHub, both are right, but the edge goes to Black Friday shoppers, because a majority of offered items will save you some money:

  • 68% of items will have a significant Black Friday discount (10%+), and it is thus worth waiting to purchase them.
  • 14% of items will have Black Friday prices similar to what they currently sell for.
  • 17% of items will be more expensive on Black Friday than they currently are on Amazon.com.
  • "Books, Movies & Music" will be the most-discounted purchase category on Black Friday, providing savings of 28% relative to current prices, whereas “Jewelry” will only be about 4% cheaper on Black Friday.

Some other categories that make the "most discounted"  list include video games, toys, and consumer packaged goods.

For the complete list of WalletHub's "2015's Best & Worst Items to Buy on Black Friday," click here.

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