Confession time. I'll go first. More times than I can count at this point in my life, while driving, I've shouted something to the effect of "(curse word)! (another curse word)! (a polysyllabic curse word)! Illinois drivers suck!

We all kind of turn into George Carlin when we talk about driving. As George pointed out, anyone who drives slower than you is a moron, while anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac.

I know, I'm just awful. But can you honestly tell me you've never at least thought that same thing?

That's what I thought.

"Harriet, this is not time to be singing Y-M-C-A!" (Getty Images)
"Harriet, this is not time to be singing Y-M-C-A!" (Getty Images)

A New Study Says That Drivers In Illinois Are A Lot Better Than You Might Think, in their piece "The Best And Worst Drivers By State," doesn't throw Illinois a big victory party for having the best drivers in America (that honor goes to New Hampshire), but they're not pointing and laughing, either.

Here's what looked at to make their determinations on the best and worst driving states:

We analyzed over 2 million insurance quotes to find out which states have the worst drivers in America and which have the best. Drivers were evaluated on four factors to determine overall driving quality. Accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations.

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"A man doesn't need a navigation app!" "A lost man does, you idiot!" (Getty Images)

llinois Placed In The Top Five Best Driving States, And Could Have Done Even Better

According to's methodology, Illinois moves up into the #5 spot after being #7 in 2020. We rank 45th overall for both accidents and DUIs, and come in 38th overall in citations. What's keeping Illinois from achieving a higher ranking?

We're speed demons. Maniacs, if you will.

The only thing holding Illinois back in their race to the top is their racing on the road. The Prairie State got the 25th most speeding tickets.

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