It really doesn't matter which state you choose, you'll find that each and every one of them, Illinois included, has their own areas that are luxurious enough for even the wealthiest person's tastes. Some states may have more of those places than others, but every state has them.

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CashNetUSA used real estate data from Zillow to identify neighborhoods in the towns and cities of all 50 U.S. states. Then, we added together the house prices in each area and divided them by the number of properties to calculate the average price in every neighborhood.

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Before we get to Illinois' most expensive neighborhood, I can tell you that CashNetUSA says Manalapan, Florida is the nation's most expensive spot:

Some use Manalapan as a holiday home and others as a main residence, but either way, money is the ticket: area owners have included the likes of Billy Joel and Don King. To give some idea of how money flows out here, tech entrepreneur Jim Clark set a new real estate record in the summer, selling his Manalapan estate for $173 million — a sizable mark-up on the $94m “spur of the moment purchase” he’d made just a year previously.

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Here In Illinois, The Title For Most Expensive Neighborhood Goes To...Glencoe

After all that property analysis from coast to coast, CashNetUSA has determined that Glencoe, with an average home price of $3,078,442 is the most expensive neighborhood that Illinois has to offer.

Glencoe, described as a "village" on Chicago's North Shore, has a population of around 8,800 people. The entirety of Glencoe only occupies about 4 square miles, and the average income per capita is $133,746.

For those who have an interest in places north of the Illinois-Wisconsin border, Fish Creek is the most expensive neighborhood. Located in Door County, Fish Creek has a population of less than 1,000 people, and has an average home price of 1,391,668.

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