Winter in Rockford tends to be brutal. That’s probably the nicest word anyone would use to describe the season.

Based on earlier reports, winter was planning on joining the fray in Rockford before it was invited.

Early reports hinted at the idea of snow before Halloween. As we get closer to the date it appears that winter is going to rear its ugly head early and often for the next handful of months.

Steve Mason, ThinkStock

AccuWeather says “Developing snowpack in early December may contribute to even colder weather. Temperatures will plummet as the season goes on, averaging 6 to 9 degrees lower overall than last winter.”

The report also says that some nights, temps could drop 20 to 30 below zero while confirming that “kick this season off pretty quick.”

Buckle up, buy snow shovels and salt now. Get gas for the snow blower. Be ready. Don’t be one of those people you see on the TV news buying a snow shovel the day it snows.

[H/T Chicagoist]


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