I can't decide if this is a case of someone desperately wanting to set some kind of spectacular achievement mark that the Guinness World Records people would be forced to sit up and take notice, or simply a dude who just couldn't turn off the urge to steal multiple things in a single day and couldn't get comfortable in anything he'd swiped.

Another way to look at might be that this Lake Villa, Illinois man was warming up by stealing 4 smaller things before going after one really big-ticket item.

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Last Tuesday, Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies Were Called To The Scene Where A Very, Very Expensive Vehicle Had Been Reported Stolen...And That Led Them To More Thefts

The very expensive set of wheels that the Lake County Sheriff's deputies were called about happened to be a classic 1962 Porsche---that is valued at "over $200,000," according to a news release at LakeCountyIl.gov.

I don't have a photo of the exact car stolen, but here's what a 1962 Porsche looks like:

The Official Chip Foose, Facebook
The Official Chip Foose, Facebook

Of Course It's Wrong, But You Can Probably Understand Why Someone Would Want To Steal A Classic Porsche Like This...It's The 4 Things He Allegedly Stole First That Makes This Story Weird

So, while the cops are on the scene of the Porsche theft, they quickly determined that the suspect in this case, Drew Nelson, 34, had stolen numerous other modes of transportation before grabbing the Porsche.


Preliminary investigation shows Nelson left his residence earlier in the day and stole a small minibike. He drove the minibike to a restaurant in the 500 block of Park Avenue, Fox Lake, where left the minibike and stole a golf cart. He drove the golf cart to a residence in the 28300 block of Brandenburg Road, Ingleside, where he left the golf cart and stole a four-wheeler. He rode around on the four-wheeler for a bit, before returning to the same address on Brandenburg Road, where he then left the four-wheeler and stole the Porsche.

Nelson drove the Porsche to a business in Wauconda, where he left the Porsche behind the business and stole another vehicle. After stealing the vehicle in Wauconda, he was apprehended by Wauconda Police Department.

That's a busy day, but it still pales in comparison to this theft about a year ago in Evanston:

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