Uh oh, Facebook is in trouble again...BUT, Illinois users could be getting another payout soon, so that ain't half bad.

So, what's all the trouble about this time? This button you've probably seen on other websites...

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The Problem With Facebook's Like Button

The 'like' button on Facebook has caused drama for years due to the irresponsible or inconsiderate use of it by some users, but there's a new class-action lawsuit that says some parts of this infamous 'like' button are actually illegal.

According to an article from NBC Chicago;

The suit addresses a "long-running class action accusing Facebook of tracking its subscribers’ activities on non-Facebook websites –- even while signed out of their Facebook accounts."

There are a couple of things you must know and understand before you start mentally cashing your next check from Facebook;

  • This class-action lawsuit only applies to United States Facebook users who "between April 22, 2010, and Sept. 25, 2011, visited non-Facebook websites that displayed Facebook's "Like" button".
  • Facebook users who are eligible for compensation for this lawsuit will receive an email by July 15, 2022, from the claims administrator Angeion with further instructions.
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How Soon Could We See a Facebook Payout?

As of today, a settlement has been reached in this lawsuit, but there has not been any mention of when qualified users could see a payout.

Once you have received a notice from Angeion saying you are eligible for a payout, you will have until September 22, 2022, to officially submit your claim. If you're thinking (like me) that you can jump ahead of the claim filing process by submitting one before you receive an official notice, stop right there. You need a Notice ID and Confirmation Code to begin the process, and you won't have either of them until you receive an email or letter from Angeion. So...keep a close eye on your email over the next couple of weeks to make sure you don't delete your ticket to extra cash.

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