You have to feel sorry for this woman's child. 

First off, I'm aware this video is 2 years old. Somehow it slipped through my radar. You hear about people like this but you have a hard time believing they actually exist.

I implore you to watch the video but here's the gist of what happened. Steve Harvey was taking some general questions from the audience. This woman got up and prefaced her question by saying that she knows she's an "over-worrier." Needless to say, it wasn't starting well.

She goes on to explain that she's thinking of transferring her 4-year-old to a different school. The only problem is that this school is on a forest preserve. When she said that I was trying to predict what her problem would be, but I couldn't think of anything. A school on a nature preserve sounds pretty great. She listed three (3) concerns: 1) that a pack of coyotes might attack her child, 2) a snake might bite her child, 3) her child might fall into a frozen lake. I'm not joking about any of this.

Kudos to Steve for taking her question seriously and giving her an answer. He did, however, hit her with this face before answering:

Steve Harvey

That's the look of sheer disbelief right there.

I have nothing else to add to this situation other than I hope someone gives her some parenting advice before she completely wrecks her child.

P.S. This lady had a GREAT time laughing at the situation. Probably made her year and still talks about it.


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