I'm going to just go ahead and admit that I have had the completely wrong idea about Valentine's Day.

I've always operated under the theory that Valentine's Day, regardless of its origins hundreds of years ago, was about showing love, or at the very least a good healthy infatuation. Flowers, candy, gifts, wine, a nice dinner, and whatever else you care to tack on was, in my mind, the way to go.

Now I find out that Valentine's Day might be about those things for some people, but others are just looking for a way to royally stick it to their ex on the day set aside for romance. Luckily, there are multiple ways to do it right here in Illinois and around the country.

Wonder how this is going. (Getty Images)
Wonder how this is going. (Getty Images)
Oh. Like that. (Getty Images)
Oh. Like that. (Getty Images)

Before We Get To The Illinois Shelter Offering To Name A Litterbox After Your Ex For Valentine's Day, I Need To Point Out That There Are Other Ways Available To Show Your Hate

Maybe naming something that cats poop in after your former flame is just what you're looking for. Or, perhaps "saying it with excrement" isn't your style, and you need other options.

Here are a few more Valentine's Day disses you could look into (there are far more than I have space to list them):

Getty Images
Wait, what about the litter boxes? (Getty Images)

Closing Out This Whole "Stick It To Your Ex On Valentine's Day" Thing, Let's Get Back To The Illinois Shelter And How You Can Name A Litterbox After Your Ex

NAWS Humane Society of Mokena would obviously have several litter boxes around, so what they're doing is giving you the chance, for only a $10 donation, to name a poop-filled receptacle after the person who broke your heart.

What if no one has broken your heart, and you don't have an ex that you hate with a passion? That's no problem, according to Patch.com:

If you don't have an ex who lives rent-free in your brain (lucky you), they have some other ideas.

"No worries! We will write any name for you, everyone has an arch nemesis," staff wrote. "Becky from 3rd grade who stuck gum in your hair during recess? She deserves a cat turd. Sally from high school who stole your favorite sweater and never gave it back? Serve her up a mean cat pie."

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