If you have enough money, they'll put your name on anything. 

ChicagoTribune - The Museum of Science and Industry will rename itself after Chicago philanthropist Ken Griffin, who is making the largest donation in the institution’s history, the museum announced Thursday.

Ken Griffin's donation is reported to be $125 million, which brings his total donations to the city of Chicago more than 1 billion dollars. He made his money founding the hedge fund Citadel.

Pretty tough decision by Mr. Griffin right here. He seems to be a pretty selfless guy since he has donated over a BILLION dollars to Chicago so he probably wasn't doing it for some sort of recognition. On the other hand, I'm assuming getting a museum named after you sounds pretty cool. I personally wouldn't have allowed the museum to be named after me. Not because I'm a good person. Not that at all. I've just seen how open people are to landmarks getting new names.

Do you think that Willis has a good Q-rating in Chicago. People still refuse to refer to the former Sears Tower as Willis Tower. I honestly don't even know who or what Willis is.

<checks internet>


Two things.

1.) It's a bad name because you can't just google Willis. You just get a bunch of D'fferent Strokes results.

2.) Chicago sold the Sears Tower to a EUROPEAN business? Could Portillo's not foot the bill?

Whatever. Congrats to Mr. Griffin. At least he's American.

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